Sculpture_Geek Eye Study Reference Casting




There is no better reference than sculpting or drawing from life.

Hand sculpted by Sculpture_Geek, Chris Vierra. This is straight from the “Sculpting the Eye” tutorial. Each eye study is pressure cast in solid resin and pigmented to a light/medium gray in order to capture and show every detail. Use this study guide alone, or in conjunction with the “Sculpting the Eye” tutorial, to further help understand the eye and all of it’s nuances. Useful for digital and traditional sculptors as well as 2-d artists alike. 

  • Approximate size 4″ * 3.75″ * 2.75″
  • light/medium gray resin
  • Highly detailed featuring eyebrow hair, pore texture, and skin wrinkles
  • Molded and cast directly from the same model that was sculpted in “Sculpting the Eye”